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Laptop / iPad self service

For public or academic libraries, the Laptop self-service kiosk gives freedom to your students and visitors. No more fixed PCs, cables, network points, power point fixed tables and chairs or even PC booking systems. One Laptop self-service unit will do it all. Up to 96 laptops per system giving total flexibility to your users and your staff.

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RFID consumables - shop online

Make sure you never run low on your RFID and RFIQ library security consumables. D-Tech have now made keeping stocked up easier than ever by launching www.d-techshop.com, an easy to use online store where you can order your library consumables direct from us.

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deliver your library service anywhere

Vendit™ is the latest product from D-Tech which dispenses items to library users anywhere in your area, this could be in your local NHS, Train station, Council offices, Bus station, the possibilities are endless.

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Are you happy with the service you are getting? Looking for something better? Need to consider costs? We are currently offering extremely competitive rates for service and support contracts. We have highly qualified and trained engineers based all over the UK ready to give you five star service.

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D-Tech ECO

D-Tech International - Breaking News

D-Tech and Lewisham Libraries have partnered to supply Lewisham children with over 5000 library RFID user cards allowing access to 1000′s of books for pleasure and supporting their learning

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D-Tech acquires multimillion pound investment.

D-Tech Acquires Multimillion Pound Investment D-Tech International is pleased to announce it is acquiring a multimillion-pound investment through its accounting firm BDO.  D-Tech is one of the world’s largest [...]

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New Products

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findIT – p series

The findIT™ p—series is the most powerful RFID wand on the market today, giving unprecedented reading speeds. This will allow users to easily collect information from items on [...]

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D-Tech Video

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The all-new self-service reservation kiosk. The holdIT automated self service reservations kiosk facilitates extended library opening hours by providing a self service collection pick-up that can be positioned internally or externally.



  • Safe, secure storage
  • Patron privacy of materials
  • Locker space for varying sizes of items
  • Real time connection to LMS/ILS
  • Smart phone ID reader functionality
  • Myriad colour options for customisation
  • Modular design allowing for additional bays at a later dates
  • Remote access reporting and loading

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pdfholdIT data sheet (107.14 kB)

Updated on: 2014-06-03

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RFID for Libraries

D-Tech library security systems

D-Tech library security systems use technology to create environments that work for their clients and their customers. We design, develop, manufacture and install high performance RFID technology-based products and library security systems. Our technologies include EM, RF, RFIQ and RFID used for self-service; stock control and management; stock promotion and library security systems together with our people counters and 24 hr vending. D-Tech also suppliers labels and design services to allow libraries to achieve the best from the technologies available today and in the future.

D-Tech is currently expanding its global presence to meet the increase in demand, internationally, for library security systems, products and services in emerging markets. D-Tech continues to develop and improve its products and product range to create the best in library security systems and RFID library solutions.

D-Tech is a family business started in 2002 and since then has grown to become one of the leading manufacturers of library security systems and RFID library solutions in Europe. We are a green company with headquarters, factory and warehousing located on the former US Air Force base of Bentwaters, north east of London.